From the very first falcon Danny produced in 1986 to my current tiercel hybrid (going into his 15th season of prairie chicken hawking) I have had the pleasure of flying birds from Pacific Northwest Falcons. Every bird I have received throughout those years has arrived in perfect condition and full of potential. During those 21 years, I have watched Danny take the incredible drive and determination he shows in his excellent level of falconry and apply it toward his breeding project. He has gone on to create a facility and produce birds that are second to none. Danny is a man of integrity and you will not go wrong if you choose to do business with him.

--Art Graves

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"I'd recommend Danny's falcons to anyone who is looking for a high quality hunting partner. I've flown Danny's birds for over 15 years and their athleticism has never disappointed me. I'm currently flying a silver gyrkin from Danny's project. He's a 40 ounce hunting machine, he mounts quickly and loves to fly in the windiest of days. In six seasons with him he's never refused a slip, sage grouse, pheasants, ducks and even a Canada Goose have been taken in style."

-- Bob Welle - Canby, Oregon

"In Short, he is the best hawk I have ever flown and I am super excited that he made it through the season. Thanks for making such a fantastic hawk! I can't wait till next season."

-- Larry McMullen - Billings, Montana


"This is the best handling bird you can ask for. He has trained quite quickly, chases anything that moves and demonstrates exceptional speed. The disposition of this bird is wonderful. He is a true joy to handle and fly."

-- Tim Gillum

"This bird performs spectacularly in high wind conditions often remounting 2 or 3 times then drives through chickens with total abandon. HE IS A TRUE ATHLETE!!!"

-- Keith Hix - Indiana

“I purchased my Gyr/Prairie falcon Nadia from Danny of Pacific Northwest Falcons three years ago and she has been by far the best falcon I have ever flown. Nadia is consistently the highest flying falcon in the state of Texas and recently won the Annual Texas Sky Trails. Pacific Northwest Falcons will sell you a young falcon that has proven gamehawk bloodlines in it, but the falconer has to put the time, dedication and most importantly the consistency into that young falcon to have that potential brought out. I will definitely purchase another falcon in the future from Danny having the confidence in him to send me another great young falcon!”

-- John Graham - Hillsboro, Texas

"The BEST value for money honest, straightforward and friendly customer service and high quality falcons has been my experience with Danny. Every single gyr I’ve had from him have been aerial, aggressive, attractive, athletic and very healthy. Though some have injured themselves due to over zealous aggression on game, none have had a day of illness in the mews or breeding chamber. I truly believe there isn’t a better gyr at a better price available today."

-- Darryl Barnes - Boise, Idaho

Black Gyr/Merlin




I have flown several outstanding falcons produced by Danny at Pacific Northwest Falcons. They have all been offspring of a combination of birds that have proven themselves as game hawks and put up for breeding based on their conformation, attitude, ability, and willingness. That translates into a bird that is a pleasure to train, hunt, and deal with. Danny at PNW Falcons is honest about what you are buying.